Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The pastor's Rolls Royce.

The Pastor’s Rolls Royce

Every now and then I think it would be fun to post a quote and then ask a few questions. Something that hopefully will inspire you to leave a comment with your thought on the idea at hand.

To start that off, here is an excerpt from a story the Charlotte Observer recently did on church in Atlanta making $69 million in the last year.

“The pastor said his income comes from personal investments, including businesses and real estate ventures. But the church gave him a Rolls Royce, which he mainly uses for special occasions, he said.”

1. What do you think about a church buying their minister a Rolls Royce?

2. Which is the bigger temptation in our culture today, to exaggerate the prosperity God offers or the persecution we’re promised?

3. If I ever release a rap album, would it be wrong to have a song titled “Jesus rode a donkey, Dollar rides a Rolls?”

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