Friday, June 29, 2007

Sex. Sex. Sex. Murder.

Sex. Sex. Sex. Murder.

I think a lot about sex, but not as much as God does. That sentence was delightful to write, mostly because it’s true. God doesn’t waste time, or Bible, on things that aren’t that important. Like murder. Those three sentences, even the fragment, don’t really make any sense, but then there’s Leviticus.

Unless you’re a huge fan of detailed descriptions about skin diseases, Leviticus isn’t the most enjoyable read. But it’s right up there in the front of the Bible and I’m trying to read through the whole thing in two years so there you go.

In Leviticus 18, God, via Moses, reveals how important sex is to Him. You can almost hearing him pleading with us not to mess this one up even as he knows we’re going to. You get the sense that he’s warning us that the biggest blessings come with the biggest dangers. And that’s true. We’ve made a mess of sex. Right now there are one bajillion examples bouncing through my head to prove that last sentence. One of my favorite is that in the Vanity Fair article on Paris Hilton, Donald Trump said that her publicly released sex tape actually helped her career. Awesome. (I swear my daughters are entering a convent in like an hour.)

Back to Leviticus. God ends the chapter by saying that when we defile ourselves with perverted sex, even the land becomes defiled. Verse 28 elaborates, “And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.”

Can you imagine Delaware just puking people out into the ocean? Whole nightclubs of meatheads just emptied into the sea after a sweaty barrage of techno silliness?

Then after dropping the puke metaphor God spends roughly five verses discussing child sacrifice in Chapter 20:1-5. Child murder gets barely any real estate in the Bible because God knows we won’t be prone to really messing that one up. How many friends did you have that by the time they entered college had slept with a boyfriend/girlfriend? How many had killed a kid? Child murder is not a billion dollar industry and is still one of the few issues in the news that gets a genuine reaction of disgust when it occurs.

But sex, clearly we’ve blown that one. As predicted, as pleaded. The point? God cares about sex. A lot.

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Mandi said...

"Child murder is not a billion dollar industry" --- Ohh but it is. Planned Parenthood just released their annual statement and this year they made over $1 billion dollars. As the largest abortion provider in the world I think they fit perfectly with your title of Sex. Sex. Sex. Murder.