Monday, December 24, 2007

50% off Prodigal Jon Book - A Christmas Miracle!

My friend works for Lulu, the company that printed my book. I saw him last night and punched him in the mouth because it is so expensive. He told me I should try paperback.

So I did, and the result is that the book now costs $9.71.

The hardback was $20.11.

That is crazy.

Here is where to get it:

You can also visit and type in Jon Acuff in the search bar.

So for all those people that wanted to buy a bunch, this is your chance.

And if you bought the hardback edition let me know. I'll email you a special post called "It's not me, it's you" as a thank you for the early support.

Merry Christmas



Ben said...

Thanks jerk! I know you waited until the second they got to my house to switch to paperback. Just for that I will NOT say Merry Christmas to you ON Christmas.

chief320 said...

My copy came in JUST IN TIME for Christmas!!!

Scott said...

book looks great... now let's hit the road!

bekah said...

Sounds awesome! I definitely want a copy.