Thursday, December 20, 2007

Something I wrote for North Point.

Something I wrote for North Point

I recently had the chance to write three videos for Andy Stanley's church, North Point Community Church, in Atlanta.

Basically they emailed me three testimonies and I edited them and shaped the flow of the words. The testimonies were strong to begin with so my part was pretty easy.

My friend Carlos of Ragamuffin Soul fame has one of them on his site. Check it out if you get a chance:


Abby said...

I just looked at the video. So powerful; nice job. I am so grateful that God does not give up on us and continues to woo us. Thankfully, his ways are not our ways. I pray that my husband will someday take this journey out of his head and into his heart (i'm hoping the process has started). He too, made steadfast decisions about God in his late teens and early 20s (he's now 50) and seemingly won't let go of that paradigm. Thank you so much for hope.

MRMARK said...

Nice work. I have been able to see all three of them at church and they are powerfull. I really enjoyed the sermons as well.