Monday, January 7, 2008

Upcoming Event - Are you in?

Upcoming Event - Are you in?

On Saturday, January 19th, we're having some folks over to our house for a night of hanging out, music and what not. Everyone is invited.

It's going to be in Alpharetta, Georgia, so if you're in the area, please shoot me an email at to let me know if you are coming.

I'm trying to get things squared away with the caterer, King Nacho, and knowing how many folks we're having will help.

It will be filmed too so if you can't make it or are in Iraq or Singapore, rest assured you can still check it out eventually.


Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

Hey Jon,

Can I fly down from Chicago to your party in a couple of weeks?

Would love to...and I have (other) friends in Alpharetta that I would love to see again...

Thanks for coming by my blog. I love yours!

Lee Ann said...

Read your blog just about everyday. If not, I read what I missed the days I couldn't be there.

I wish hubby and I could come to your party. Ohio is a bit far but maybe next time!

Jon, thanks for your posts.

don't you wonder? said...

26 minutes from my very cool personal trainer brother-in-law and his family and 15 hours, 11 minutes (no stops) from us - sorry we can't make it this time - sounds like a fun time.

Indy (a.k.a. IndiNana) said...

Jon.....did you get any blog readers at your party?