Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lebron reminds us we were created for worship.

Lebron reminds us we were created for worship.

During the NBA Finals this year Nike rolled out a new campaign for Lebron James. The images in the campaign were black and white with Lebron either soaring through the air for a dunk or thrusting his head back with both arms stretched out as if drinking in talent from the heavens. The only thing written on both black and white images was the simple tagline, “We are all witnesses.”

It was a beautiful campaign, reflecting the very best of what makes Nike the very best. But advertising lessons aside, the most interesting idea it drove home was that we were all created for worship. That is what Nike was attempting to tap into. Not our desire to own sneakers or wear cool warm up shorts or even support any particular basketball player. They were skillfully trying to touch on that part of us, buried deep down inside that has a need to worship.

A need to bask in the presence of greatness. To stand in awe at something bigger than ourselves. To feel a sense of purpose and energy. To witness.

Nike got it right. The millions of dollars in research they spent on figuring out how to write those four words were dead on. We are all witnesses. But Lebron didn’t win a single game in the finals. And that doesn’t sound like God to me.

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