Thursday, March 13, 2008

Audio is up.

Audio is up.

I spoke recently at a church in Atlanta about what is perhaps the most important verse to me. You can listen to it by clicking over on the upper right. Follow that helpful arrow.

Please know that I say the following sentences:
1. You know, the Hebrew version of a pickup truck.
2. Alright dad, you slut!
3. I really feel like if I could just tap into Hezekiah I would have what I need to talk with that guy whose wife just left him.

Some of the ideas will sound familiar to a few posts I have written.


Compassioninpolitics said...

Fantastic! Great talk and great audio quality for the web too.

robyn collins said...

i listened... and loved it... thanks for making that available... what an approachable teacher you are!

Anonymous said...

You never fail to hit the nail right on the head. Great point about not living in the past or future, but in the now. Hope you put next week's talk online, too.

Prodigal Jon said...

Thanks for the feedback on the audio. Part two will be up next Wednesday and continues the theme of this post but features about 42% more jokes and 19% more deep thoughts.

Ivey McCoig said...

Is it sad, awesome or otherwise that I listened to this on a Friday night...


Thanks, Jon.

(and Colf Fusion IS funny... but only the first time)