Friday, February 8, 2008

The food drop, an Africa update.

The food drop, an Africa update.

I got an email from my uncle tonight. Since so many of you were so incredibly kind when I told you the story about the orphanage in Kenya that was under attack, I thought I would share this quick update on the situation:

Since the update sent on February 1, 2008, we are thanking our Lord that classes resumed at GGCC this past Monday, February 4 without further incident! Construction work continues on the 4-story building, and as soon as the building is completed, our 50 new students will be admitted.

You may remember that about three weeks ago Samaritans Purse flew almost 9 tons of food from Nairobi in their DC-3 to a small airstrip on the mainland, then a smaller Samaritans Purse airplane that could land on the small dirt airstrip at GGCC made six flights to ferry the food out to Mfangano Island. Roads in Kenya are still unsafe and food remains very scarce in the Lake Victoria area. In the February 1 update we asked for prayer that food supplies would last until more arrived.

We have just learned that our Lord is using our brothers at Samaritans Purse again next Tuesday, February 12 to send more food out in the DC-3. This time trucks escorted by guards will transport the food to the shore where GGCC boats will take the food to Mfangano Island. Thank you for praying for this need and celebrate with us the Goodness of our Lord! Please pray for the safety of the pilots next Tuesday and the safe transport of this food so desperately needed.

It is such a blessing when God's people serve together for the glory of His Son Jesus Christ. God's people have prayed. God's people have enabled missionary airplanes to transport food. God's people have given to Samaritans Purse sometimes not knowing how God would use their gift.


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Such wonderful news. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Our family is now communicating often with GGCC and we will soon sponsor a worker!