Sunday, February 10, 2008

Link love and Facebook

Link love and Facebook

I'm updating my list of other blogs I link to. If you have one and are cool with me checking it out and possibly linking to it, please let me know. If you want to link to mine then by all means, please do.

I'm also on facebook. If you search for my email address, it's easy to find me. I also have a reader group called, prodigal jon.

I'm working on a post for tonight called "Oh Daniel Baldwin." Should be up later today.


Rosa said...

I already have links to both your blogs on my site. :)
I'd have no problem with you checking out my site and your are welcome to link to it, but. . . it's more chatty than inspirational.:0

travis said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I used to have you linked, but then my feed somehow lost you, and I thought you had stopped blogging. Anyhow, I got curious one day, because I shared a lot of your posts with my friends, and wondered why I wasn't getting your feed anymore, and figured it out. Now your back! And you didn't even know you'd left.

I love your blog, and your thoughts.


seven said...

You're already on my blogroll... feel free to check out my blog: OhMySeven.

Aaron said...

like the site. I'll add you to my google reader.

portorikan said...

I doth believe thou art linked. :)

robyn collins said...

of course i have you on my blogs... and

Stephen Barry said...


As always, thanks for your insightful and engaging posts. You're linked up at Thoughts of a Worshiper.