Friday, February 1, 2008

Update on the orphanage.

Update on the orphanage.

I got an email from my uncle a few minutes ago and told him last night that I would send the prayers friends and strangers have showered on the orphanage. Thanks for sharing them. Here is the update.

In a telephone conversation this morning Naphtaly (the headmaster) shared that a peaceful "demonstration" was held this week on the dirt airstrip in front of the school on Mfangano Island, and over a thousand people from several villages attended to sing, mourn, weep, pray, and call upon our Lord together for the nation of Kenya.

Although GGCC classes were suspended several days ago, the school, which is home to GGCC students, 85-90 percent of whom are partial or total orphans, has remained open and the students have spent time in prayer, working on the compound, and games. Naphtaly added that by the grace of our Lord classes will resume Monday, February 4, 2008! We praise Him for the calm now being experienced on Mfangano Island.

However, over the last few days an extra security guard was utilized and six of the staff have served throughout the night as additional guards. This brings to mind the account in Nehemiah 4:16-17 of how God's people served while protecting themselves from attack.
The turmoil in Kenya has united and bonded the GGCC staff as never before in their calling to serve our Lord in ministry to innocent children He loves so much.

Please pray for food supplies to hold up until more arrives, and for Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life, to draw many to Himself during this difficult time.

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ylfnogard said...

I just saw the update (and sorry - I think I may have sent you two messages for the orphans by mistake. I'm a newie to this). What amazing news. May God continue to protect those children.