Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let's rescue sex.

Let’s rescue sex.

I don’t remember how old I was when I decided to choose the world’s opinion of sex instead of the church’s opinion of sex. But it happened. The decisions I’ve made as an adult indicate that I did indeed cast my vote. A thousand times over and over, I have sided with the world’s interpretation of sex.

And I think it makes sense in a lot of ways.

The reason is that in so many different ways, the world does a better job explaining, advertising, and detailing the wonders of sex. (Just typing that sentence made me a little uncomfortable, in part because discomfort is one of the things we flavor the concept of sex with at church.)

The result is that to most of us, the world owns sex. You might not say that, you might think you don’t believe it, but most of the things we see everyday tell us differently. The world is who celebrates it, incorrectly sure, but it’s still a celebration. The world is who is open about it. The world is the one that makes a big deal about it.

But we don’t and that’s why it was easy as a kid to choose the world’s opinion of sex. As a teen, I was presented with a decision:

Choose the world’s definition which is wild, intoxicating, colorful, alive. Or choose your youth group’s definition of sex which is guilty and stifling and no PDA and quiet and vanilla and flat and waiting, waiting, so much waiting.

The decision was easy. I chose the world.

The real danger though is that I got it all wrong. I acted like God was the creator of the mountains and the oceans but not sex. I acted like he wired the human body but was surprised about the nuances of sex. I acted like the God that can infuse life and emotion and power into a worship experience couldn’t do the very same thing in dare I say sex.

I started to think today though, what if I’ve allowed the world to take sex ransom? What if sex is a hostage? A beautiful, perfect concept that was kidnapped long ago? What if sex is just waiting for people like you and me to go get it? To bring it back to the church. To bring it back to the bible. To bring it back to our marriages.
  • Can you imagine if sex within marriage became so big and so real and so important that the world’s view of sex felt empty and hollow?
  • Can you imagine if instead of reading a newspaper article about a minister caught with a prostitute you read an article about a minister leading some sort of holy sexual revolution?
  • Can you imagine if one of the reasons people liked being Christians was because the sex was so good?
I don’t know about you, but I’m going on a rescue mission and it starts tonight. It starts with being honest about sex. It starts with being real about sex with my accountability partners. It starts with inviting God into my sex life, which kind of scares me. And eventually it’s going to continue with me telling my kids about sex in a way that is true.

What do you think? Are you up for rescuing sex?

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robyn collins said...

so... my husband is totally going to thank you for this post!

Jamon*Abercrombie said...

what is it with sex today? is it just that we're hovering around valentine's and it's brought more to the forefront?

I wrote a post today called "Whoa, baby!" about my read through Song of Solomon today. I hadn't been in a while (actually a few years) and I forgot how mind-blowing the imagery is in that book.

I laughed. I pondered. I quoted. I was disturbed ... all in 8 little chapters ... 8 little chapters that would blow the doors off the world!

I agree we need to get better as a body talking positively and proactively about sex with our kids. The youth group version that I was hit with was much the same as yours ... boring, vanilla snore-fest.

Alice said...

I just want to know how to get it back from being a "neither." When it's not God's creation, but it's also not passionate by any other definition.

Ally said...

Absolutely. As a person who had bought into the world's view of sex without even realizing it, I'm constantly amazed at how my perspective has been shaped by a culture that is so oversexed and undersexed at the same time. We're saturated in sexual images, but at the same time, our sexuality is so lame and passion-less. We're so missing out on what God created sex to be, selling ourselves and Him short.

I'm so thankful for a God of grace and redemption, and a God who created sex to be awesome:)

Jon Acuff said...

Alice -
I'm not sure I understand what you mean about neither. Do you mind unpacking that thought a little? I'd dig hearing what idea you are getting at.

Ben said...

I'm in. As always...another great post my friend!

William said...

I saw this link on Drudge. It seems you're not the only one who wants to rescue sex. A church in Florida is challenging their married members to have sex every day for 30 days.

Woo hoo!