Saturday, February 9, 2008

The stories that went unread.

The stories that went unread.

I started this blog last June but until late October, few people were visiting the site. That means that about 65 posts weren’t seen by most of the people now reading it

I went through the old posts and pulled out what I think are the strongest of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong. June and July were kind of “B-“, but I think I was just starting to get my feet under me and find my voice.

So without further ado, here are 8 posts few people read but a few folks might like:

1. Christopher Walken and God June 26
Sometimes you find God’s love in weird places. Like the movie “Man on Fire,” a brutal revenge film based in Mexico City.

2. The Cocaine Question July 3
My wife’s friend has one of the most beautiful testimonies and in it she says she is “thankful for cocaine.” I promise this post makes sense of that.

3. The Cure for Cancer and the Alpaca Addiction July 21
“As a teenager, the acquisition of alpacas* dominated most of my waking hours.” That’s how the post starts and it only gets weirder from there.

4. Please stop knitting or why I’m insecure. September 17
My wife pulls out some knitting while we await service to start at the super cool North Point Community Church. I cringe. Hilarity ensues.

5. Booty, God Booty September 26
That title kind of explains it all.

6. The colors rich people don’t want you to know exist. October 7
“The other day in Williams Sonoma I smelled poor. It wasn’t that I smelled bad, I just didn’t smell like that store and that store smelled rich.”

7. Let’s be irrelevant. October 8
Maybe in trying to be relevant we’ve lost sight of what matters the most. A look at Apple, Starbucks and a bunch of monks.

8. Girls in underwear, killing deer and somehow God. October 18
People actually read this one and this is kind of where things started to pick up but it's still a good way to look at how temptation looks at you.

p.s. If you read all these when they originally came out then you've been reading for a while and I really appreciate that.

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